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The Lego Master: Steve Sospenzi

Lighthouse Lego Sculpture

If you need a Lego sculpture, we know who you can call! Steve Sospenzi, long-time client of Lance Belline, decided that when he retired, he wanted to take up Legos—and not just any Legos—massive, intricate Lego structures that move, light up, and so much more! We're here to share with you some of Steve's coolest sculptures that he's had the time and financial freedom to do now that he's retired.

First of all, he built us a LIGHTHOUSE!

Lighthouse lego sculpture

This sculpture took Steve about 14 hours to finish, and it's complete with a working light on top and a ton of tiny details on bottom. The interior of the house is even decorated down to the paintings on the wall!

The construction booklet used to complete this lighthouse contains 404 pages of step-by-step instructions for 2,065 pieces. It includes two mini figurines, a lighthouse keeper and sailor, and an adorable kitten!

Lighthouse lego sculpture

Thanks for this awesome piece, Steve, and we're so happy we get to show it off here at our office!

But it doesn't stop there....

Steve has built a working train set, a Disney castle with audio and lights, a piano that plays on its own, a 6ft long replica of the Titanic, and more!

Titanic lego sculpture

Titanic lego sculpture

lego sculptures

Thanks for being an awesome client and friend, Steve!

If you'd like to be a client feature, reach out to us! Email our Marketing Director at


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