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Financial Freedom

Combining investment strategies with tax strategies to allow you to accumulate wealth tax-efficiently and pay less taxes in your retirement years.

Serving Coast to Coast

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Strategies for Individuals

Clients can work toward financial independence with approaches designed for a broad range of needs and hundreds of product choices to implement these strategies.

Financial Success

Lighthouse Financial offers a thorough analysis of your goals, priorities and resources to develop your personalized strategy that includes both asset allocation and asset location to prepare you for a tax-efficient retirement.

Strategies for Businesses

Business owners can take control of their finances with approaches designed for a broad range of needs and hundreds of product choices to implement these strategies.

Glass Buildings

Why Us?

We are dedicated to professionally supporting, educating, and providing informed direction to each and every client.

Lighthouse Financial is a regional, boutique, financial services firm that consist of 11 financial professionals. Some of our professionals have backgrounds as CPAs, or have experience with estate planning strategies.

Our combined experience is over 60 years with the oldest in their 50’s and the youngest in their 20’s.  We have offices in North Little Rock, Rogers, AR, and Oklahoma City, OK.  

We focus on working with high income and high net worth individuals to help them plan for... and more importantly REACH... their financial goals. 


We are a group of individual thinkers with common goals

Strive for Excellence

Luke 2:52- We work to improve our wisdom, physical health, spiritual lives and social skills

Live and Work by the Golden Rule

Our walk matches our talk

What sets us apart from other firms is that we combine tax advantaged strategies into our investment strategies in an effort to lower the amount of taxes our clients pay during their retirement years. 

We believe a person’s largest expense that they will pay during their retirement years is not our cost, or investment and insurance products expenses...but rather... it's the IRS. 

If we can help lower the amount of taxes a person pays, they may be able to have a retirement lifestyle that normally they would not be able to have-- or they could transfer more wealth to their family upon their death.



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Lighthouse Financial

3614 W Southern Hills Blvd

Rogers, Arkansas 72758

Phone: (479) 696-8234


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