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EJ Johnson: Making Luxury a Standard

Lance Johnson Building Company

If you're looking for extraordinary homes, EJ and his team will give you nothing less than that. By building beautiful, modern houses with ease-of-living in mind, the Lance Johnson Building Company is making what we consider luxury a standard. Each build is created with the smallest, most impactful details that everyone wants in a home.

Modern, black & wood kitchen

The goal is to create a minimalistic style that makes a statement. With a design like this, you can create whatever focal points you want - whether that's your furniture, chandelier, cabinets, or any other piece of the home you want to showcase.

A minimalistic design doesn't mean minimal details, though, as EJ strives to pay attention to the luxuries we all want. We're talking soft-close cabinets, pantries with electrical outlets and counter space, 10 ft.-tall ceilings, built-ins, full-length mirrors, freestanding bathtubs, engineered hardwood flooring, seasonal closet storage...the list goes on.

Modern, luxury master bathroom
Modern, luxury home office

Speaking of closet storage and full-body mirrors - it's like every woman's dream. As EJ says, "That's who we're really building houses for - the dudes don't care." This may be true, but the men love it too.

Although the Lance Johnson Building Company does about 50% speculative work, EJ's favorite job is when someone comes to him and says, "We want to build our dream house. Here's our budget. How do we get from start to finish in the best way possible?" With the same level of finish on every build, EJ and his team are creating breathtaking homes of every size.

We asked EJ, "What makes the Lance Johnson Building Company stand out?" His response was, "I have the same craftsmen and subcontractors on every single house. There is a higher level of expectations and loyalty - these people have been with me on average 20-21 years."

Modern, luxury home

Building homes like this makes for a work week that's never the same each time around. As EJ says, "Somedays I'm in meetings with United States Senators discussing legislative issues, and sometimes I am working with a plumber to find a sewer tap 14 feet deep." There's so much opportunity in this industry. It's what he's good at, and it's why he spends his time making his business successful while Financial Advisor Dax Weindorf and the team at Lighthouse Financial work to solve the problems that every business owner faces - what to do when it's time to pass a business down through generations.

Great business owners like EJ spend so much time making their business great, that they don't have time to build a great succession plan. Dax was able to create a plan for EJ and his father to not only make the current valuation of their business higher, but also build them a pathway for succession where EJ could transition into ownership of the company while his father could transition out seamlessly. "This is business succession by design, not by default," Dax says.

Now, the Lance Johnson Building Company is setting standards higher than ever. To start your life in a luxury home, visit

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Modern, luxury living room
Modern, luxury master bathroom
Modern, luxury home back patio
Modern, luxury home


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