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Stock Exchange

Strategies for Individuals

Products and Services

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Executive Benefit & Deferred Comp Planning

Business Succession Planning

Employee Benefit Plans, Pensions & 401(k) Implementation

Financial Planning & Asset Management

Financial Planning & Asset Management

Fixed Income Investments

Mutual Funds (income-oriented)

Unit Investment Trust (income-oriented)

Municipal and Government Bonds

Money Markets

Certificates of Deposit

Investments & Advisory

Clients have access to a broad array of brokerage and advisory accounts, such as the Strategic Asset Management (SAM) account, Manager Select, Personal Wealth Portfolios, and Optimum Market Portfolios

Disability & Long-Term

Care Insurance

Individual Disability Income

Individual Long-Term Care

Equity Investments

Mutual Funds (growth-oriented)

Large Cap Growth/Value Funds

Small/Mid Cap Growth/Value Funds

International Equity Funds

Asset Allocation Funds

Sector Funds

Unit Investment Trusts (growth-oriented)

Publicly Traded Stocks

Life Insurance

Annual Renewable Term

Level Term - 10-, 15-, and 20-Year

Whole Life

Universal Life

Variable Universal Life

Survivorship Variable Universal Life

Survivorship Universal Life

Financial Planning**

Non-Fee Needs Analysis

Personal Financial Plans

Focused Needs Plans

Personal Financial Plans

Estate Planning

Retirement & Education

Traditional and Roth IRA

Coverdell Education Savings Account

529 Plans


Fixed (single, flexible, & immediate)

Variable Annuities (immediate & flexible)

Group Annuities

(qualified retirement plans)

Equity Indexed Annuities

Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation Strategies

Risk Management

Wealth Accumulation & Retirement Planning

Employee Financial Planning and Seminars

Strategy Implementation

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